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Wednesday, July 19 2017

Hey all,

We got our domain name up at Yay! Check back soon for more updates. We are planning to launch the beta of "Cargo Drop" sometime in the Fall. We need to finish some coding for it, and then plan on crowdfunding. We will need your support. We are hoping to raise $5,000 for development of the remainder of the game, which is literally just levels and models of weapons and boats. Nothing major, and probably cheaper than $5,000 but that is our goal.

We are planning to work with either a Unity3D programmer or a company I have worked with before called OptiSol. I am waiting to see what the price tag is between the two, in order to finalize the beta. The beta, or demo, is the bare basics of the game. Though in this sense around 80-90% of the game is programmed already, it is essential to note that the remaining 10-20% is the hardest. That is when you set up graphical interfaces (menus, stuff on screen of a graphical nature), and multiplayer functionality.

Stay tuned!

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