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Tuesday, November 24 2015

     We are embarking on a journey to create the ultimate in video gaming experiences. As of today, we have begun work on a combo between a Shooter and an RTS, with a bit of RPG mixed in there, as well. We have yet to think of a title, and we cannot disclose the full idea of the game without compromising non-disclosure. However, trust us when we say, this will be a semi "Precipice"-like experience. Check out "XCOM: Enemy Unknown" on YouTube, and you'll have a general idea of how this game will function. However, unlike "XCOM" we are adding a Third Person Shooter "feel" to it; you control the units - where they move to, where they shoot...but when the time comes you are able to take on the role of your unit(s) and shoot for them. 

Stay Tuned!

     Stay tuned for more updates as we progress. We have two programmers (which is amazing as it is hard enough to find one!), two modelers (one who can rig and animate), and we are working on all of this in the Unity3D engine. Stay tuned, and sorry for disappearing for such a long time. New Breed Games, LLC underwent a downsize that caused us to lose track of our video gaming roots. However, we are back in action! Keep coming back, and feel free to Like us on and follow us on Twitter @New1Breed.

Update ***

     We have begun working on a secondary game until the above is fully conceptualized.


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