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Thursday, March 25 2021

2022 is going to be New Breed Games' year! We have six mobile and PC games planned and ready for funding, and six additional projects that we plan on working on simultaneously. See the "Games" section or the "Projects" section in the menu for more info. We plan on starting planning come Summer of 2021, and will be looking toward crowdfunding, external investment from Angels and other funding resources, and finding a short but effective team to develop with us.

Areas We Are Struggling With

Some main areas we are having trouble with are time-based. Our Founder and Lead Designer (me, Ryan! Nice to meet you...) has been active at Florida International University acting as an Events Coordinator for the Center for Student Engagement as well as Career and Talent Development, so he has not had time to really dive into things. Our main area of focus will be developing a proper business and marketing plan that would allow us to succeed.

Why Investment Is So Difficult

If you are a developer, you know by now that it is no longer 2014. The video game industry is worth $138 billion, which is roughly $22 billion more than 2020! As such, and as indie game development slows down pretty rapidly for PCs, and with a strong investor emphasis on indie-impossible console gaming, it is hard but doable. We plan on focusing on crowdfunding through KickStarter or (preferably), where there is less pressure to meet a goal.

Video Games Are Worth A Lot

They also are not expensive to develop. A term comes to mind: "Pareto's Law," which states that 20 percent of something causes 80 percent of some result. In this sense, in business it means that around 80 percent of the video game market comes from 20 percent of the same studios. In other words, 80 percent of the industry is controlled by 20 percent of studios actually out there, and it is shrinking to 15 percent! Also, it means that 20 percent goes to development...

The Other 80 Percent Goes To...

Marketing. Marketing is the only way to go with games. With over 800 new apps released every day on Google Play and Apple's App Store (look it up, that is a lot of games in one day...), and with most games coming from cheaply-run and outsourced developers, it is crucial to market correctly. We are planning on a different strategy than most studios, which is our competitive edge and main advantage: we will be building tension first. We need at least a demo created, as well.

So What To Expect In 2022?

Check the "Games" and "Projects" sections in the main menu!

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