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 The Game 

Smugglers is a 2D game allowing the player to progress through an MMORPG-like interface, performing various tasks such as setting up drug smuggling rings, opening up properties such as grow houses and fronts, and causing overall crime throughout several real-time maps. In each map there are 10 jobs to complete, all with backstories, and multiple ways to earn an income and gain power over your gaming world! Each level also comes with a Mission, which is the ability to set up a tactical smuggling project by placing units around a level, and getting the goods you collect into the country without getting caught. You have several factors that affect your progression, from Energy to Fuel. Using a simple, graphical interface, the game should be available by 2018.

 The Background 

This is one of New Breed Games' newest developments. It began with McClellan using an iPad to develop simple "jobs" that would take place in the event of an individual going from civilian to smuggler. An example is the first mission, where the initial task is to obtain the materials needed to make a black market trip overseas to Colombia, where product is purchased. That product is then sold to live players or bots. Based on the visceral content of NBG's other game, Cargo Drop, this game provides a much simpler interface to work with. This will facilitate hundreds of potential jobs to perform as the game progresses.

 More Info 

If you have ever played the iPhone game: Underworld, you will have a strong understanding of how this game works. It is a matter of simplly tapping on buildings or units to perform jobs, but the fun is found in the setting up of smuggling events. You have to place units around a map, coordinate planes, boats, and trucks to carry the product from the ocean and into the country - all while avoiding attention from the Coast Guard. This is another game based on the tales of Mickey Munday, and is in conjunction with Cargo Drop (another game currently in development through New Breed Games featuring a similar backstory). 

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