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 The Game 

Lead a team of 5 soldiers into battle in a Real Time Strategy game like none other! Your objective is to eliminate the enemy team while simultaneously having the most points. In order to earn points, you must either eliminate enemy players, or hold "Node" bunkers (cover sources) that generate points every 30 seconds. Drag your units into cover with the swipe of a finger! Similar to a Chess game, the gameplay will feature semi-realistic battles (from Melee combat to Ranged combat using guns, blades, and other weapons you customize outside of the battlefield). You move in a turn-based manner, using a system of Points for movement and shooting. You battle from a birds-eye-view, much like a standard Real Time Strategy Game. 

 The Background 

Short Lane was thought up by Ryan W. McClellan of New Breed Games during a game of paintball. McClellan is a Division 2 competitive paintball player, and after a quick run with XCOM: Enemy Unknown - the game - the idea was formulated. Within three days, a design document was created, and the game progressed into its pre-production stage in 2016. Because it is such a simple game to code, it is expecting a release date of mid 2018. If you look at the gameplay of XCOM, you will have a generally conducive idea of how Short Lane works: you tap a unit, then move them to a cover source. This idea is based on a method of paintball that McClellan developed, where teams have "turns" to move from bunker to bunker. Check out video footage here.

 More Info 

By adding an element of a futuristic world where sports are based on life and death, the game provides a sense of augmented real time strategy. You move players from bunker to bunker, trying to gain the best angles on your enemy. Just like with competitive paintball, the bullets are always airborne, and you can even pin a player down by forcing one of your units to lay suppressive fire on an enemy unit's bunker! There are a lot of features, including the ability to customize your units so they can have better weapons and armor. This brings a new method of combat to the game, meaning you are not just playing a 5-on-5 game; you have an army of units all available for competition. Whichever unit you decide to use is your choice...

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