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 Time Tracking 

We are working on developing and releasing a mobile app that allows for ease-of-use in time tracking. This includes a Routine you can set for yourself, an easy-to-dictate method of tracking your time spend on a Task, an added Alarm feature, an added Voice Note feature, and possibly more. This project will be entering development but has not been fully designed yet. As such, we are working on launching it late 2022 or 2023! We will keep you updated...

 Real Estate 

We plan on developing an app for realtors much like Zillow, except for a subtle diathic: it is all done online! Much like websites allowing the purchasing, selling and delivering of cars to locations around the country, we will be doing the same thing for real estate. It includes virtual reality tours, 2D and 3D blueprinting, and when you choose to sell or buy a home, you are assisted by a licensed real estate agent (we will act as the broker). Coming 2022-2023!

 C5 Conglomerate 

We have a website already designed and developed for C5 Conglomerates (C5Con for short), but it is not visible to the public due to its rather vital nature. This is a bidding system where investors (everyday people to actual Venture Capitalists) can see ideas for companies, projects, services or products in a short summary, and then bid. If a business plan is available, they can read it. If not, you can make one if enough are interested! Bid on companies in 2023!

 File Organizer 

Ever feel like you have six hard drives, three Cloud folders and a bunch of documents unlabeled, uncategorized, and unkept? Well, we can help! We plan on developing a piece of PC or Mac software that allows for an algorithm that detects: duplicate files, file type and format, a folder system that allows for easy browsing, and even a naming system that you can then have us print out the documents/format them appropriately! Click a button and boom! Organized files!

 The Collective 

Virtual real estate! You heard us: virtual real estate! Imagine a "Sims"-like game with a custom avatar, the ability to use a Birds-Eye-View to view your custom character moving around an occupied world (yes, real people!), and the fun part: we can design and develop any environment! Inspired by a virtual college campus, the idea has branched out into other areas, including offices being designed for companies or venues for events. Coming 2023-2024.

 The Funnel 

Though it already exists as a service, many people pay high-traffic or high-follower individuals to market their service, product or other projects (often not companies but rather, the everyday highly-followed Facebook page, as an example, with 10,000 friends, or a website with 100,000 hits a week). We simplify this by allowing this exchange of promotion with "The Funnel," but we have yet to develop much of this idea. Plan for a release in 2024!

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