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 The Game 

This is not your average “Real Time Strategy” meets “Role Playing Game” meets “Third Person Shooter” meets “Hack and Slash” meets…well, you get the point. There aren’t enough of those in existence, if any at all. But what happens when you cross all of that with the capacity to play as the bad guy for once? Well, you play as the Undead and your objective is simple: annihilate all humans. You are “Omerta”, and you are an Undead god and the Seventh Son of the Devil himself. You start your journey in a 2033 post-apocalyptic world. The Undead have settled on the Eastern side of the world, with the humans on the Western side. In between the two are a number of contested territories that must be taken over by the Undead, but be wary: the humans have the same thing in mind...


 The Background 

Precipice was the idea that began New Breed Games as a development studio. In 2010, McClellan began working with the idea of a multi-genre game, which is still something yet to be done (at least, not to the extreme we are taking it!). There were several attempts to develop this game, but due to budgeting constraints, we were forced to pull the plug. However, leaving in its wake is a 400-page design document and script for the game, and that is only one-half completed! The only reason this game has not been developed yet is because it would require a huge budget, though it still remains the heart and soul of New Breed Games!

 More Info 

This is one of the first multi-genre games in existence. If you think you have found a game or two with more than one genre implemented, take that and multiply it by one-thousand. Precipice is a Shooter, a Hack-and-Slash, a Real Time Strategy, a Role Playing Game, and even a Simulation. You are not playing as just one unit. At times you will be in command of armies, and will be required to develop bases for the Undead operations. There is also a tremendous storyline behind the game, and it is based on McClellan's background in film. You are not some Undead character swinging a sword; you are targeting vital organs, performing hundreds (perhaps thousands) of Motion Capture-based attacks, and so much more!

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