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 The Game 

Growery (tentative title) is a mobile game featuring a character who is trying to open a marijuana growery. After obtaining a license to grow, the unit is then presented with the task of setting up a warehouse with pots, tables, lights, and fans. The purpose is to grow marijuana and sell to retailers (of whom are live players, selling their product to NPC units), and to grow your business by interacting with other users, setting up distribution deals. As you progress, you can expand your growery operation, raise your prices based on the quality of your product, and more! 

 The Background 

One for the books, as they say. It is no surprise that NBG would plan on releasing a third game based on drugs, but this is not the case. Because of the legalization of recreational marijuana in several states, we are able to release via mobile device under the sole condition that the transactions made in the game are based on a licensed growery or distributor. When McClellan stumbled upon many of the imitation games about cannabis cultivation, it is clear that we have very little competition here. We plan to release the game early 2018.

 More Info 

The real fun behind this game, however, is the fact that real-world conditions are applied. If you do not water a plant or if the temperature is too high in that plant's area, its quality will fall, and you will be unable to sell for top price. There are a lot of games out there trying to do what we are doing, but they are making the mistake of over-simplifying the process. Legal cannabis growing is not consistent, and to create a game where simply watering a plant to keep it alive is nonsense. It makes so much more sense to give the plants real-life conditions and needs.

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