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FlickBack is a fast-paced direction game, similar to no other, allowing you to flick random arrows that appear on screen in the direction that they indicate. As the levels progress (there are 25 of them) more arrows (ones that fade out even quicker and are smaller, so they are harder to swipe!) begin to appear. If you can get through the last level, send us a screenshot so we can post it up!

 Short Lane 

Lead a team of 5 soldiers into battle in a Real Time Strategy game like none other! Your objective is to eliminate the enemy team while simultaneously having the most points. In order to earn points, you must either eliminate enemy players, or hold "Node" bunkers (cover sources) that generate points every 30 seconds. Drag your units into cover with the swipe of a finger!


In the age of recreational marijuana, you can be a grower in an augmented world, hungry for that legal cannabis! Open a cannabis growing warehouse, plant your seeds, and watch them sprout! You must make deals with other players who are in this for the same thing you are. Sell your product to retailers, or become one of your own, and compete for top price!

 Cargo Drop 

Battle for control of drop points and collect the most crates to win the game! With two teams of four players each, your mission is simple: travel through the map and gain control of both drop points (where crates are dropped by a sea plane every 30 seconds) as well as drop-off points (where you can exchange your collected cargo for currency and points) to win the game!


This simple yet visually-explosive mobile game takes you into the life of a drug smuggler, set out to bring as much product into the country as possible! Perform missions with the tap of a finger; travel across oceans to buy the product by tapping the ocean; open up properties to store your goods! Avoid the Coast Guard, and invade the gaming world by setting up smuggling rings!


A game that has been in the making for over 5 years, Precipice promises to bring the next generation of "next-gen" gaming! As an Undead god set out to end the world, you must work with other Undead units in an effort to rid the world of the human race once and for all. This is a multi-genre game, and includes shooter, hack-and-slash, RTS, RPG, and even Simulation!

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