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 The Game 

Cargo Drop is a work in progress that has been in development for over four years. Two sets of four boats appear on each side of a translucent map. The goal is for the Bandit boats to collect a series of packages that are dropped from a seaplane, and then take it back to their spawn location. The Coast Guard is set out to do the opposite by destroying the Bandit boats and recovering the package. There is also plenty of room for boat customization, different color patterns, shapes, and features. The winner is the team that collects the most crates and destroys the most enemy boats! A combo between a shooter and a Real Time Strategy game, you also have the ability to customize your boats with weapons and armors!

 The Background 

The game took a very long time to develop, and spent almost four years in pre-production. When New Breed Games was approached by powerful public figure, Mickey Munday, of the former Cocaine Cowboys (click here for information) to develop a video game for him, we were at a loss. It was only until recently that we were able to come up with a suitable concept for the game, allowing boats to battle out at sea for crates dropped from seaplanes (just as Mickey Munday did with his own smuggling efforts). Yes, the game is about narcotics being dropped from a seaplane, and collected by a boat that you or another player controls! This was how it was done in the 1980s to avoid detection, and we are implementing all of these features into the game...

 More Info 

Cargo Drop is currently in development, and is expecting a PC release by late 2017. We invite you to join the Kickstarter campaign to help us fund the project. Click here to donate! We are debating between a PC release and a mobile release, but because of the drug content involved, we may not be able to get our project onto the App Store. For more information about the game, visit and sign up for alerts so you will know what is coming, and also to witness the development process in action! We have the support of Mickey Munday and his many followers. Join us on our journey to produce the best boating game ever!

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